Souness remains in undisturbed snowflake Grealish

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There’s something about Jack Grealish that made Graeme Souness stop. The TV, radio and newspaper expert even drags Pep Guardiola in.

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It’s the headline Mediawatch dreaded reading on Friday morning, right down to the full story length, randomly capitalized words and good football mannerisms to carry on this difficult and completely one-sided feud.

As Graeme Souness said on Thursday: “I’m on talkSPORT with you guys, which I love. I have a column in the Daily Mail where I get the chance to express my opinion and I’m on Sky. I’ve been in the game for over 50 years, I think I’m entitled to an opinion.”

Jack Grealish has never suggested otherwise, of course, but Souness is willing to do the opposite in his third incredibly high-profile platform.

“GRAEME SOUNESS: Players are way too spoiled these days and get away with it as they rarely have fingers pointed at them… the way Jack Grealish has to deal with the criticism that comes their way!”

“Looks like I’ve offended Jack Grealish by saying I think he’s a good player, but not a great one, based on what I’ve seen in his first year or so with a major Premier League club.” he starts. .

Grealish did say “I don’t know what his problem is with me” and that “he always says things about me” when asked about Souness. The Scot really refutes that by mocking Grealish in his newspaper column rather than his radio slot or TV punditry appearance.

Only one party seems to be ‘offended’ here. And it’s not the one who laughed at the first question put to him at an English press conference.

Souness goes on to explain to the professional footballer, Britain’s most expensive player and someone Pep Guardiola “is more than happy and happy with”, exactly what the sport is about. Men busy, blow by blow, presumably.

“But football isn’t just about dribbling past one player, dribbling past a second player and then giving the ball away when you try to get the third one.

‘It’s about seeing the photo – the right photo – on the field. It’s about giving the right pass. Fast. Propel the ball. Fast. Do this incessantly, week after week after week.

And then, on top of that, the hard yards without the ball, which Manchester City are currently doing better than anyone else. This is what all the big players do.

“I’ve been in this game for over 50 years and I think I have the right to express an opinion on these matters…”

Yes. No one has ever suggested otherwise. Not Grealish, not Mediawatch, not George Weah’s cousin.

‘…but the modern player can’t take criticism well.’

And now we go live to the pathetic, sensitive, “precious” modern player:

Bloody snowflake.

“The criticism is all one way now: the coach and manager get it for his tactics, his team selection, his substitutions and anything else you want to mention, while players usually get away shot free. They are seldom pointed at.’

Upright. players are never criticized, targeted or vilified. Why do the fingers so rarely point to Harry Maguire, Trent Alexander-Arnold or Mason Mount? How come they get away with absolutely everything and never pay attention to their performances?

“Grealish, like me, moved to a big side for a record transfer fee between two English clubs, so I think I know something about that experience.”

Again, no arguments there. But let’s not pretend we’re in Liverpool in 1978 for £352,000 – a record amount between English clubs – is too similar to a British record £100 million in 2021. Souness knows next to nothing about that particular experience.

“There was no molly indulgence. The comparison was very simple: either you had the mentality to play for a big club, or you were wrong.’

Does this mean that Grealish doesn’t have that ‘mentality’? Because if not, it’s a very random aside to add. And if so, it looks like a load of b*llocks.

Grealish has to choose who to listen to. He might think my opinion isn’t worth listening to. I can certainly live with that. The only person that matters is his manager.’

Well, Grealish has already said he’s trying not to read what Souness says and focus on doing what Guardiola asks of him so we can tick those boxes.

“He has said in response to my comments that Pep Guardiola is asking him to keep the ball and not move quickly. Well, forgive me for being obvious, but I’d say you’re in a football game to score goals.’

Is Souness arguing with Guardiola now? Is he suggesting that Grealish should ignore his manager’s tactical demands and just focus on ‘scoring goals’? Even though his manager has publicly stated that “we didn’t sign for the incredible goals or assists at Aston Villa”?

After a further explanation of what the game is ‘about’ and ‘not about’, Souness concludes:

“There are very clear benefits that come with taking a big step in football. A lifestyle beyond your wildest dreams. You could never imagine glamour, playing for a big club.

“The downsides, if you want to call them that, are the pressure and the control and the need to push hard – always.

“These aren’t drawbacks at all if you’re a good player because you know the deal and what people say doesn’t affect you. But when you switch for such a high fee, there is an expectation. To Grealish I’d say, ‘Live with it. Take it.”

And to Souness, Grealish might say, “I’ve had to learn to deal with it.” Or “sometimes when people say it, whether it’s trolling on Twitter or Instagram or something like that, it doesn’t bother me at all”. Or maybe “when I signed for Man City and the prize that came with it, I knew it wouldn’t be all laughable unless I started out like Erling Haaland did. That’s the only way I wouldn’t get caned.”

Those were all points Grealish made on Tuesday and Souness happily ignored as he dismantled his own straw man before Friday. And now we wait for the Grealish reaction to keep this hellish cycle going.

(The war is over)
‘The war of words between Jack Grealish and Graeme Souness has continued with the Manchester City ace taking an offer from the former Liverpool boss for a night out’ – the Daily Mirror websitewhich could really do with a double check of what they write.

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