Liverpool fans are considering massive action against UEFA

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After the painful management of the Champions League final at the Stade de France by the French authorities and UEFA, Liverpool fans did not take off. They plan to take collective legal action against the European Commission.

A real failure. That’s the word that automatically comes to mind when talking about the Champions League final – between Liverpool and Real Madrid (0-1, May 28) – in the minds of Liverpool fans. So obviously the result of course doesn’t help matters (Liverpool were beaten), but above all it was the management of the event that took thousands of fans off their minds.

According to the information received from guardian1,700 Reds supporters called law firms to sue UEFA. This case is being judged by many fans responsible for physical injuries, psychological trauma and even post-traumatic stress, approximately four months after the event. Some reported fractures of the ribs in the runoff. Most suffer from anxiety or even more serious disorders.

Police and UEFA blame Liverpool fans for standing up for themselves

The French government, police and UEFA initially agreed that many Liverpool fans turned up with fake tickets, causing major disruption to public order and the management of the event. A version widely disputed by Reds fans who “continually demanded a full and independent investigation, to establish the truth and learn lessons in order to avoid future disasters,” he wrote. guardian.

England supporters told a very different story of the events of the night on 28 May 2022. He first conjured up a dangerous alternative route down which they were directed. A path that would have led to a narrow perimeter where fans had piled up, endangering the safety of others. Many people said they were crushed and targeted with tear gas.

‘Some feared for their lives’

Gerard Long, partner at Binghams Solicitors (a famous British law firm) in Liverpool, said to guardian More than 1,300 people have expressed interest in a potential teamwork, most of whom are experiencing psychological trauma.

Another law firm, Leigh Day, said 400 people were at the match to support Liverpool, said Jill Patterson, a partner who is leading the group’s potential business. She said herders had reported “physical shocks and injuries, including broken bones and bruises from smashing turnstiles, and injuries from batting and police shields.”

Liverpool support their fans

Liverpool said this week it had sent testimonies from 8,500 fans to UEFA’s “independent investigation” into the fiasco. UEFA said it apologized “to all fans who experienced or witnessed frightening and distressing situations that night. No football fan should be put in this situation, and it should not happen again.” Moreover, the European body refused to answer questions guardian.