Last day of trading: what remains to be signed in La Liga

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real Madrid

Income: 92.15 / Expenses: 80 7 Balance: 12.15

Almost no movement is expected. The arrivals chapter is closed. Asensio and Mariano will continue. Efforts will focus on removing Odriozola.


Income: 1.25 / Expenses: 18 / Balance: -16.75

His fight is to register Bravo and Willian José. To do this, he will have to find a way out for Loren, Rober and Paul. The arrival of Bellerin is almost utopian.


Income: 26 / Expenses: 153 / Balance: -127

Many operations in progress. Aubameyang, Braithwaite, Dest and Memphis have to come out. Pjanic can. He wants to close the arrivals of Alonso and Bellerin.


Income: 0 / Expenses: 0 / Balance: 0

With the arrival of Ander Herrera, Athletic closes the transfer market. Valverde is not expecting any more reinforcements or exits in his squad.


Income: 20.60 / Expenses: 0.98 / Balance: 19.62

He wants to bolster the defense with an ambidextrous full-back and is also looking for a winger or striker. Odriozola and Denis, candidates. Chukwueze will go to Everton.


Income: 6.95 / Expenses: 26.5 / Balance: -19.55

Be careful in case any club comes to pay a clause (Carrasco) or a possible surprise with Griezmann. I would only sign if there was a deal for the defense.


Income: 0 / Expenses: 2 / Balance: -2

It only remains to tie the arrival of Abde, in the form of a transfer, to strengthen the attack. With this embedding, the model is closed and no movement is expected.

Real society

Income: 80.5 / Expenses: 33 / Balance: 47.5

After the earthquake caused by the departure of Isak, Real are waiting for two moves: to obtain the arrival of Sadiq and to seek a loan for Guevara.


Income: 3.4 / Expenses: 13.1 / Balance: -9.7

They need to strengthen the defense with the signing of a centre-back. He trades for John Brooks. Looking for a team to free Álex Alegría.


Income: 0 / Expenses: 19.1 / Balance: -19.1

You can sign between one and four players. It all depends on whether he sells to Sadiq and/or Ramazani. Look for a pair of midfielders (Melero) and a striker.

Vallecano Ray

Income: 0 / Expenses: 0 / Balance: 0

There is an urgent need to sign a central defender (Abdul Mumim), a striker (Braithwaite, Marcos André or Guardiola) and perhaps a midfielder. The latter depends on achieving a certain return.


Income: 17 / Expenses: 13 / Balance: 4

Today the arrival of a striker (Larsen) will be announced and he wants to bring out Denis Suárez. If successful, he will sign a creative midfielder (Lázaro is an option).


Income: 87.5 / Expenses: 28 / Balance: 59.5

With the signings of Januzaj and Dolberg, for the final day, he only has to place Gudelj and, if he succeeds, sign a defensive midfielder.


Income: 5.8 / Expenses: 7 / Balance: -1.2

The future of De Tomás conditions the roadmap. A winger is wanted (they are negotiating for La Rioja) and a central defender. If RDT comes out, a striker and a midfielder could arrive.


Income: 0 / Expenses: 8.96 / Balance: -8.96

Look for a center and a winger (Abde likes). In the exit operation, Sevilla and Espanyol have Lucas Boyé on their agenda and Villarreal like Mojica.


Income: 0 / Expenses: 4.5 / Balance: -4.5

You need to sign a goalkeeper. The chosen one is Gazzaniga. He will also play a defensive pivot (Oriol Romeu). If there’s a hole in his payroll, he’ll try a striker.


Income: 33.6 / Expenses: 12 / Balance: 21.6

He hopes to complete the transfer without an option to buy Bryan Gil. Ilaix Moriba will also be back, replacing Soler. He wants to bring out Manu Vallejo and Racic.


Income: 15 / Expenses: 15.75 / Balance: -0.75

With Munir signed, he just needs to find another striker and a left-back. Mata could be one of the victims, even if it’s complicated.


Income: 1 / Expenses: 4.8 / Balance: -3.8

The club wants to sign a left-footed winger. Kenedy is the chosen one, who already knows La Liga. She also intends to give Hugo Vallejo an outlet.


Income: 0 / Expenses: 6.9 / Balance: -6.9

In terms of transfers, he just needs to attach an attacker. More homework has on the output operation. He must find a team for Perea, Calderón and Pombo.