Kylian Mbappe after the Blues’ victory over Austria: “What is being asked of me here is different”

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“what is your opinion of the game?
We didn’t really want to lose and go down in this B league. We really wanted to settle in the opposing camp, to celebrate our game… We tried a lot, and we lacked realism too. We scored early in the second half, then we scored in the second half and then we managed to score a few. I think the audience had a great time.

“The coach says there will be a rotation between clubs and we’ll see how it goes.”

Did you also need reassurance?
naturally. When you don’t win a full rally in Team France it’s complicated, but we have no doubts. We know our strengths, even with a lot of changes in the team. We have an incredible pool.

We felt you liberated like the rare night…
I play differently. I have been asked here about other things related to my club. I have a lot of freedom here. The coach knows there’s a number 9 like Oliv’ who occupies the defences and I can run around and go into space. In Paris, it’s different, it’s not there. I’ve been asked to do the pivot, it’s different.

Are you having more fun?
(smiling) I enjoy everywhere.

Matches follow each other, how do you feel physically?
Very well. The priority is choice. I hope to play on Sunday. I am always ready to play, even in the club. The coach says there will be a rotation between clubs and we will see how it goes.

Are you happy with the agreements made regarding image rights?
yes. It wasn’t me who reached the agreements. The whole team wanted it. After that, I don’t mind being at the front of the stage if it helps my teammates. Criticism won’t change the way I play and live. If he can help the band, I don’t mind. I think the whole group is happy. »