He is the most underrated player in La Liga

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The controversial situation in which he was involved Thomas Raúl (27) in recent months continues to wreak havoc on the new striker of the Vallecano Rayclub for which he signed once the summer transfer market ended after paying eight million euros fixed plus three in variables.

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Without World Cup

With no options to play in the Qatar 2022 World Cup as he hasn’t played a game since May 14, when the Qatari shirt was last worn RCD Espanyol, TOR he has become the most underrated player in LaLiga according to the latest update from the specialist portal’Transfer market‘, going from a market value of 25 million euros to just 12.

A drop of 13 ‘kilos’ in his appreciation which places the Madrid player at the top of this ranking ahead of the Barça player memphis depay (28), which fell from 35 to 25, and whose market value only exceeds one million the total amount of its sale to the Ray in case all the variables come together, linked in large part to the permanence in the first division of the team he leads Andoni Iraola.

This is how ‘Transfermarkt’ market values ​​work

Source: ‘Transfermarkt’

The market values ​​of ‘Transfermarkt’ they are calculated taking into account different pricing models. An important factor is the community of ‘Transfer market‘, whose members discuss and evaluate players’ market values ​​in detail. In general, the market values ​​of ‘Transfer market‘ must not be assimilated to the amounts actually paid for the transfer.

The objective is not to predict a price, but rather the expected value of a player in the market. Both the individual transfer terms and the overall context are relevant in determining market values. Likewise, ‘Transfer market‘ does not use any algorithm to construct its values, but instead relies on the judgment of the community.

25 ‘kilos’, her top

On the other hand, the 25 million euros which by Thomas reached in the previous update -June 3, 2022-, his peak in this sense, coincides with his peak as a budgie footballer. He became an absolute international and won the Zarra Trophy which rewards the best Spanish filmmaker in the first division. An award he shared with Celtarra Iago Aspa (35 years old), also author of 17 goals last year.

From hero to villain

No one in Espanyolism could have imagined that fateful ending then, with their hero and benchmark for two and a half years becoming a villain and leaving through the back door, attacking everything and everyone in the club.