Florentino Pérez is a genius, he has just received €360 M – Sport.fr

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The Real Madrid president has signed a contract that brings a windfall of 360 million euros into the club’s coffers.

As part of the operation of the new Santiago-Bernabeu, which is expected to be completed next season, Real Madrid has signed a contract with the investment fund Sixth Street and its subsidiary specializing in stadium operation, Legends. In exchange for 30% of the profits that the stadium would generate over the next 20 years, Real Madrid earned 360 million euros. A windfall that will enable Florentino Perez to make a difference in the transfer market.

FC Barcelona had also signed a contract with the Sixth Street fund, giving up 10% of its TV rights over the next 25 years against a check for 207.5 million euros. But there is a big difference between the Catalan club and Real Madrid. Barça had a lot of debt before this operation, which means it can hardly keep its head above water. Conversely, the Madrid club made a profit in the past financial year. This new money can really be reinvested in future investments.

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