Edgar Badia is the goalkeeper who saves the most in La Liga

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09/23/2022 at 4:31 PM


Edgar Badia has made 32 saves on the 47 shots he has received and is the goalkeeper who has avoided the most goals (6’4), according to the statistics platform ‘OptaJose’

Elche are the team that have received the most penalties in the first division, although they could have conceded more goals if not for the good performance of their goalkeeper.

Edgar Badia It’s the goalkeeper who stops the most The leaguewhich may seem logical given the fact that elche, bottom, is the team that receives the most shots in the first division. However, the old Reus he’s been decisive so far this season, and if the Elche side haven’t conceded more goals, it’s largely thanks to him.

According to ‘OptaJose’, a Big Data platform that provides statistics on Spanish football, the Catalan goalkeeper is the most decisive man under the goal posts The league in relation to the blows he receives.

In total, the team led by Francisco Rodríguez received 47 shots on goal, 32 of which were saved by badiaincluding a penalty shot in the game against the Real society that the youth team Spanish shortcut.

In total, following the measurement parameters of the aforementioned platform, the Barcelona footballer prevented a number of 6.4 goals, so the figure of 16 goals conceded could be higher without the good performance of badiawhich is living its fifth season in the Martinez Valerowhere he has almost always played an important role.